Photo of a clean and organized closet for a post about clearing clutter from the home.

Clear Clutter In 5 Minutes A Day

Looking to clear clutter from your home? Believe it or not, 5 minutes a day can have you well on your way to a clean home!

Photo of a clean fridge for an article on how to clear clutter in the home in 5 minutes a day.

  • Monday: Choose a cabinet or drawer to purge and organize. Get rid of anything that’s no longer needed and organize the remaining items.
  • Tuesday: Throw one item away from anywhere in the house.
  • Wednesday: Gather up all loose paper items from the home and either recycle them or put them in an appropriate place.
  • Thursday: De-clutter one area of them home. This can be a room such as a bedroom or a space such as the garage.
  • Friday: Clean out the refrigerator. Get rid of any expired food and give all of the shelving a good wipe down.
  • Saturday: Rearrange the entry area. Clean clutter out of the coat closet and invest in hooks to hang the keys or a shoe rack to place shoes. Make it easier to put things away in an organized manner.
  • Sunday: Relax!

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