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Luxury Home Trends In 2017

Luxury home trends in 2017 include lot’s of space, including garage space, and technology built into the home. Read on for more features that luxury buyers are looking for in 2017.

Beautiful living room for an article discussing luxury home trends in 2017.


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Shorewood Home

Photo of a Shorewood home just listed in the Vintage subdivision.

712 Dover Way Shorewood, IL 60404

Just listed in the sought after Vintage subdivision in Shorewood. Over 3,300 square feet with a large eat in kitchen, finished basement with 5th bedroom and full bathroom, large bedrooms, hot tub, above ground pool, deck and much more! Call 815-954-5050 for more information or to schedule a showing!

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Home Buying: Why You Should Buy In 2017

There are several factors that make home buying in 2017 a good idea. If you are on the fence about hopping on the home buying train, think about these factors that make 2017 the perfect year to purchase a home.

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Downsize-Why Buy A Smaller Home?

  1. Photo of a small home for an article discussing reasons to downsize.Make your life simpler: A large home usually means more expenses, more maintenance work and upkeep, and possibly more space than you really need. Moving to a smaller home can (sometimes) mean a less expensive mortgage, less work to maintain the home and becoming mortgage-free quicker.
  2. More money for other goals: Usually a larger home means a bigger mortgage which means that much of your income is spent on housing. When you downsize, you can have a smaller mortgage which means more income can go towards other goals such as savings, retirement, travel, college tuition, etc. The freedom to have more money for life goals  is something that many homebuyers are looking for and can be achieved when buyers choose to downsize.
  3. Gain the potential to move into a better neighborhood: Most homebuyers desire to live in a great neighborhood in a sought after area and to put down roots there. Moving into a smaller home in a great area instead of choosing a larger home in a different area can be a wonderful  trade off. Being in a great area can mean a better school district, better walkability, lower crime rates, and more.

If you are considering downsizing, be sure that you have lived in your current home long enough that you have some equity, at least enough to cover closing costs. Meet with a mortgage lender to determine what the profits may be from selling your current home and how much you can save if you downsize and go with a smaller mortgage.

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Open House

Photo of a home for sale to announce an open house.

1112 Foxview Drive Joliet, IL 60431

All Minooka Schools! Pristine Condition! Finished basement with bathroom! Home is in cul-de-sac with a fenced yard! Brand new carpeting! 1st floor den! Spacious family room offers fireplace! Eat in kitchen includes all appliances, corian counters! Huge walk in pantry! Large bedrooms have walk in closets! Ceiling fans! Loft! Master bedroom suite features walk in closet and private bathroom! Patio! Storage Shed!

Open house this Sunday, March 19th from 1-4 pm! Come and see this beautiful home!


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Top Kitchen and Bath Design Trends For 2017

Photo of a modern kitchen with quartz countertops for an article about top kitchen and bath design trends for 2017.

  • Traditional styles are losing momentum and both contemporary and transitional-style design elements are gaining popularity in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms: Asian Fusion, Mid-Century Modern, and Shaker styles will rule in 2017. Both neutral and more bold colors will be seen including a lot of gray, white, and off white but also purple, blue and violet.  Undermount sinks are still a popular choice but trough sinks are also emerging on the design scene. As far as finishes go, brushed brass and gold are top choices but be on the lookout for designer colored faucets. The most popular type of bathroom storage is still wood vanities and linen cabinets but we are seeing a trend towards open shelves and floating vanities. As far as tubs go, it looks as though homeowners are losing interest in whirlpool tubs and are opting for larger showers instead.
  • Kitchens: Kitchens with clean lines, lot’s of storage, and simple cabinet doors are definitely in. Two toned kitchens continue to be popular with gray and white being the colors of choice although blue and black cabinets will be seen as well. A variety of materials are being used for both accents and surfaces. For countertops, granite is still falling in popularity while quartz is king. Convection ovens and induction cooktops are being incorporated into kitchens more and more and microwave oven drawers are being chosen instead of built in microwaves or freestanding ones.

Photo of a wood vanity in a bathroom for an article on kitchen and bath trends of 2017.Photo of a trough sink for an article on kitchen and bath design trends for 2017.


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Buying Your First Home

Photo of a home for an article with tips for buying your first home.


  1. Growth potential: Look for a home that can accommodate future life changes that may affect the number of bedrooms/bathrooms needed and square footage required to live comfortably.
  2. Get an inspection: Your first home may not be extravagant but the basic components of the home should be in good condition. It is absolutely necessary to have the home inspected by a professional before a purchase is made.
  3. Set your priorities: Your first home may not be totally perfect but make sure that it’s the right home for you. Find the right home by making a list of your “must haves”, “nice to haves”, and “not necessary to haves”.  For example, having a three car garage may be great, but would you rather have a home with a larger kitchen or in a nicer neighborhood? Only you can determine what assets are important to have in a home.
  4. Think about all costs of home ownership: When buying a home, you need to think about the recurring costs you will face as a homeowner, besides just the monthly mortgage payment. Utilities, trash pick up, HOA fees, etc. all need to be factored into your monthly expenses. As a Realtor, I will be able to help you calculate what your monthly costs would be so that you can make an informed decision about what house to buy.
  5. Consider the lifespan of things: Aside from finding structural and cosmetic flaws before buying, find out what to expect from the home’s components. How much time do you have before you will need to replace the roof, carpet, appliances, or furnace? Everything may be working well right now, but every home will need repairs at some point. Knowing what to expect from your home will help you plan for your future.
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Moving Mistakes



Photo of moving boxes for a post about moving mistakes.


  • Having to rush: Not leaving enough time to move is a huge moving mistake, can be dangerous and can also elevate stress levels. If possible, leave enough time to plan your move and give yourself plenty of time to get to your new location.
  • Not reaching out: If you are by yourself, be sure to ask friends or family to help you with this big task. Moving is not a one person job so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance. Friends/family or a moving company is necessary to get the job done.
  • Not researching moving companies: Be sure to do your research when looking to hire a moving company. While most moving companies are legitimate, it’s still very important to shop around, ask for credentials, and get quotes in writing. Good places to start are the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or Yelp.
  • Packing absolutely everything: A move is a great time to really take stock of your possessions and see what you really need. Packing everything that you own can be costly in the long run so it’s the perfect time to take inventory and sell or donate items that you don’t need anymore including clothing you don’t wear, furniture that won’t be used in your new home, etc.
  • Lack of organization: Not being organized and failing to thoroughly plan can end up costing you more time and money than is needed and can also cost you your sanity as well. Be sure to use a moving checklist, make an effort to clearly label all boxes, and be in frequent communication with your moving company.
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