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What Your Front Door Says About You

Psychology has linked certain colors to different personality traits. The color of your front door is supposed to reveal who you are-do you agree?

Photo of a front door with a wreath on it for an article about the color of a front door and what it says about the homeowner.

  • Blue: People that paint their door blue are often truthful and peace-loving.
  • Green: Green doors allude to traditional values as well as ambition. It’s also thought that those who paint their doors green are good with their finances.
  • Red: A red door signifies a welcoming home as well as a homeowner that enjoys entertaining and being the center of attention.
  • Gray: Gray is an in-between color and is seen as pointing to an indecisive person that is able to compromise well.
  • White: A simple white door represents a clean and well organized home.
  • Yellow: This bright and cheery color can signal a creative, positive, morning-loving homeowner.
  • Orange: Very social and enjoys welcoming people into their home
  • Brown: Warm and down to earth, as well as trustworthy
  • Black: Elegant and someone who enjoys power
  • Turquoise: A hopeful person, a dreamer, and someone who yearns for balance in their life
  • Pink: A generous person who loves romance
  • Purple: A free-spirited person who is inclined to take risks

Do you think the color of your front door reflects who you are?

Photo of a blue front door.Photo of a green front door.

Photo of a green front door with fall decor.

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Dawn Dause Group Review

Photo of a Re/Max sign up close for an article about a recent Dawn Dause Group review.

Check out one of Dawn’s latest reviews from Zillow!
Highly likely to recommend
09/27/2017 – gergescz
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Shorewood, IL.
Local knowledge: Five stars
Process expertise: Five stars
Responsiveness: Five stars
Negotiation skills: Five stars
We chose Dawn after having our home on the market with another realtor for 9 months with no offers. Dawn sold our home in 2 1/2 weeks! Dawn’s marketing strategies are outstanding and I’m sure this helped get our home sold. Dawn has great communication skills and kept us “looped in” with everything that was going on with our home. We highly recommend Dawn Dause if you are looking for a realtor that is motivated and in touch with the market as well as always keeping her client at the center of the transaction!
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The Design Rule Of 3-How To Use It

The design rule of 3 is a widely known guideline for interior design. It is fairly simple to implement in your home and helps design elements look their best. The rule of 3 basically means that objects grouped in odd numbers are more visually appealing and more impactful than things grouped in even numbers.

 Photo of a living room for an article about the design rule of 3.

*Accessories: Grouping knick knacks in groups of 3 creates a balanced and finished look.

*Color: Using only two colors for a room can make the space feel bland and two dimensional. Try adding in a third accent color and see how the room transforms into a finished space with depth. The same is true for texture; adding three textures to a room really brings it to life.

*Difficult spaces: If you have a room or corner in your home that is awkward to fill, try adding three things to the area such as a piece of furniture, a shelf, and a piece of artwork.

*Vignettes: Try using three objects of different sizes to fill the tops of tables, shelves, or nightstands.

*Artwork: Hanging artwork in groups of three instead of groups of 2 or hanging pieces in odd numbers instead of even numbers is generally more appealing to the eye.


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Home Maintenance Mistakes

Are you taking care of your home? Are any of your home maintenance methods doing more harm than good? Find out if you are making any of these home maintenance mistakes!

Photo of an updated kitchen with stone countertops for an article about home maintenance mistakes.

  • Overusing chemical drain cleaners: When most people get a clogged drain, they turn to a drain cleaner instead of paying a plumber, but is that always a good choice? Drain cleaners and even baking soda and vinegar can break down and deteriorate pipes over time. A drain snake or a $2 tool called a Zip-It may be a better way to go in the long run.
  • Sealing countertops too often: Natural stone, glass, butcher block, and concrete counters only need occasional sealing while laminate, Quartz, and Corian are best without a sealer. Sealing a counter too often can result in a streaky and cloudy appearance. A good rule of thumb for knowing when to re-seal is to put a small amount of water on the countertop; if it doesn’t bead up and stay that way for 15 minutes, it may be time to re-seal.
  • Using too much bleach: Bleach can be useful around the home but using too much of it can do more harm than good. Did you know that bleach can discolor laminate and colored grout, fade acrylic tubs, actually dissolve vinyl flooring and more?
  • Improperly storing firewood: Many homeowners keep firewood piled outside the home and against an exterior wall. While that may be an easy storage spot, it can cause a huge problem. Keeping wood against the house invites termites to live there. Instead, keeping wood stored at least twenty feet away from the home will keep termites at bay.



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Farmhouse Gray

Do you love the trendy farmhouse gray style? Are you thinking about adding it to your home? Here are some perfect gray hues to achieve this look!

Photo of a farmhouse style kitchen for an article about the farmhouse gray color.

  • Ammonite by Farrow & Ball
  • Gray Owl by Benjamin MoorePhoto of a gray bedroom for an article about farmhouse gray design.
  • Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball
  • Pashmina by Benjamin Moore
  • Horizon Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Modern Gray by Sherwin Williams
  • Sleigh Bells by Benjamin Moore
  • Winter’s Gate by Pratt & Lambert
  • Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Rodeo by Benjamin Moore
  • Whisper by Benjamin MoorePhoto of a gray bathroom for an article about farmhouse gray.
  • Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams
  • Cloud by Dunn-Edwards
  • Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore
  • Shoreline by Benjamin Moore
  • Horizon by Benjamin Moore
  • Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore


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Brightening Up A Room

Do you have a dark room in your home? Brightening up a room can be easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot! Check out these ways to transform a dark space into a light and bright retreat.

Light and bright living room for an article discussing brightening up a room.


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Bad Homeowner Habits

Fireplace and living room for an article about bad homeowner habits.

 What are some bad homeowner habits? Do you have any of them? Read on to find out what you should be doing differently in your home.




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3 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Photo of backyard for an article about landscaping mistakes.

  1. Plant for only one season: Think about all seasons instead of  just one when planning what trees and flowers you want to plant. Don’t just plant flowers that will bloom in the spring and summer, leaving your yard brown the rest of the year. Consider adding evergreens that will add color throughout the year or trees that bloom in the summer and have colored leaves in the fall.
  2. Ignore the upkeep: Don’t get into the habit of neglecting your yard; plant low maintenance flowers and trees so that the yard can be easily taken care of.
  3. Leave clutter around: Yard toys, sporting equipment and extra lawn furniture can all take over your yard, making it look chaotic and neglected even if the landscaping is taken care of. Invest in an oversized storage bin that these items can be kept in.
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CRS Designation

Logo for the Council of Residential Specialists.

Dawn Dause has earned the CRS designation and is now a member of the Council of Residential Specialists! What does this mean? Dawn has earned her CRS designation by completing extensive training and meeting significant experience requirements. Working with a CRS Realtor means they will provide exceptional service and will use their top notch negotiation skills to benefit their clients.

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