Photo of a home in the winter for an article about winter real estate.

Winter Real Estate

Can winter be a good time to try and sell your home? Read on for a short list of just a few of the reasons to consider listing right now.

Photo of a home in the winter for an article about winter real estate.

  • Serious buyers: For the vast majority of winter home shoppers, they are out looking at homes because they need to purchase a home and soon. This factor can make listing your home during the winter months easier than during other times of the year.
  • Less competition: The winter months are a crazy busy time of the year for most people, so many homeowners prefer not to list their home now. Home inventory in the winter is lower, making less competition for those that are trying to sell.

Keep in mind

  • When selling in the winter, it’s generally recommended that sellers keep the heat at a comfortable level at all times, even when not home, to ensure that the house is warm during showings
  • Keep the driveway, sidewalks and all walkways clear of ice and snow
  • Turn on lights in the home for showings even during the day; the lack of sunshine in the winter makes indoor lighting important

Ultimately, the time to list your home is whenever it is best for your family. If you are interested in selling your home, give the Dawn Dause Group a call at (815) 954-5050.


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