Photo of a modern kitchen with two tone cabinets for an article about 2018 cabinet trends.

Cabinet Trends To Look For In 2018

This year we will see lot’s of changes when it comes to kitchen design. Check out these 2018 cabinet trends that are on the rise!

Black Cabinets in Kitchen, a 2018 Cabinet Trend

  • Cabinet trends for 2018 will see a movement towards different colors as well as a mix of styles.
  • Black cabinets, especially lower cabinets, will be a popular choice among many homeowners. Since black is so bold and dark, doing only the lower cabinets in this hue along with black light fixtures or black interior doors will really make the space look sleek and stylish without being too dark.
  • Gray is still widely seen all over home interiors and will continue to be a large part of cabinet trends. Gray is a great choice for those that want to achieve a light and airy look but are bored of traditional white.
  • Metallic cabinets are a fairly new trend that is sure to gain momentum this year. Homeowners are moving beyond metallic appliances and are carrying this material over to cabinets as well. This creates a very modern, clean, almost industrial or commercial look.
  • Cabinet trends for this year will also include metal mesh inserts in place of traditional glass fronts. This is a nice compromise for those that like the idea of open shelving or allowing cabinet goods to be seen but not on full display. Metal mesh is a great choice for upper cabinets or specialty cabinets such as those that store coffee bar goods or a liquor cabinet.
  • The jewel tone cabinet trend is also likely to be seen more this year and will be frequently paired with brass hardware.
  • Blue is being chosen more and more for cabinets. Those that want colorful and vibrant cabinets but aren’t comfortable with dark jewel tones may want to look to blue for a nice pop of color without being too loud or overwhelming.


Photo of a modern kitchen with two tone cabinets for an article about 2018 cabinet trends.A modern kitchen with two tone cabinets, a new cabinet trend


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