Month: July 2017

2017 Five Star Professional Award

Dawn is a recipient of the 2017 Five Star Professional Award!

Five Star Professional partnered with Chicago magazine to recognize a select group of Chicago-area professionals who provide exceptional service to their clients. This group of outstanding Chicago professionals represents fewer than 7 percent of all professionals in the market and is featured in the October issue. Professionals are measured using an objective, in-depth research methodology with significant focus on customer feedback and overall satisfaction.

Congratulations Dawn!

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Home Maintenance Mistakes

Are you taking care of your home? Are any of your home maintenance methods doing more harm than good? Find out if you are making any of these home maintenance mistakes!

Photo of an updated kitchen with stone countertops for an article about home maintenance mistakes.

  • Overusing chemical drain cleaners: When most people get a clogged drain, they turn to a drain cleaner instead of paying a plumber, but is that always a good choice? Drain cleaners and even baking soda and vinegar can break down and deteriorate pipes over time. A drain snake or a $2 tool called a Zip-It may be a better way to go in the long run.
  • Sealing countertops too often: Natural stone, glass, butcher block, and concrete counters only need occasional sealing while laminate, Quartz, and Corian are best without a sealer. Sealing a counter too often can result in a streaky and cloudy appearance. A good rule of thumb for knowing when to re-seal is to put a small amount of water on the countertop; if it doesn’t bead up and stay that way for 15 minutes, it may be time to re-seal.
  • Using too much bleach: Bleach can be useful around the home but using too much of it can do more harm than good. Did you know that bleach can discolor laminate and colored grout, fade acrylic tubs, actually dissolve vinyl flooring and more?
  • Improperly storing firewood: Many homeowners keep firewood piled outside the home and against an exterior wall. While that may be an easy storage spot, it can cause a huge problem. Keeping wood against the house invites termites to live there. Instead, keeping wood stored at least twenty feet away from the home will keep termites at bay.



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Shorewood Events

There are lot’s of fun Shorewood events still coming up this summer! Check out this list of things for the whole family to do!

Photo of a guitar for an article about upcoming Shorewood events including an outdoor concert.

  • Tonight, Thursday July 27th at 6:30 pm at Towne Center Park Band Shell is Party In The Park! Head over to hear the band Strung Out play 70’s rock. Towne Center Park Band Shell is located at One Towne Center Blvd in Shorewood.
  • Tuesday, August 1st from 5:30-8:00 pm is National Night Out 2017 at the Shorewood Police Department located at 903 West Jefferson Street. This fun yearly event will feature a DJ, moon jump, station tours, “touch a squad”, raffles, taser demonstrations, food and drinks, and firearms demonstrations.
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Plainfield Events

There are lot’s of fun Plainfield events coming up! Check out this list of local events in the area! There is something to do for everyone in the family!

Photo of fresh vegetables for an article about local Plainfield events.

  • Tonight, Tuesday July 25th, Cruise Night in downtown Plainfield from 5-9 pm featuring classic cars
  • Friday, July 28th at 8:30 pm Movie Night will take place at Settler’s Park. The Secret Life Of Pets will be shown.
  • Sunday, July 30th from 12-4 pm is the farmer’s market at 15025 S Illinois Street in Plainfield
  • Friday, August 4th from 4:30-7 pm is Food Truck Friday at Lake Renwick Preserve-Turtle Lake Access located at 23113 W Lockport Street in Plainfield. This is an event for the entire family and will feature delicious food  as well as fun activities.
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Saving Money At Home

Photo of a beautiful and updated family room for an article about saving money at home.

  • Save money on furniture: Most people know about hitting up garage sales and taking advantage of specials that stores run, but did you know about local chapters of the Buy Nothing Project? These Facebook groups are for people to post items they want to give away for free, lend, or share with neighbors. Check out your local group and see what household supplies, furniture, etc you can find!
  • Save money on home insurance: Installing safety devices in your home such as a security system can earn you about a 5% discount on your home insurance policy. Bundling home, auto and life insurance can save you even more.
  • Invest in floor models: When purchasing appliances, consider going for the floor model. Doing so can save a considerable amount of money.
  • Keep cleaning supplies simple: Instead of spending money on several different types of specialty cleaning products, keep your cleaning supplies simple by sticking with all purpose cleaners, white vinegar and mild dish soap.
  • Appeal your property taxes: If you think the value of your home has decreased since it was last assessed, try appealing your taxes. You may be surprised at the money you can save if your taxes are lowered.
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Food Truck Friday

Photo of a forest for an article about Food Truck Friday in Plainfield.

Food Truck Friday is coming up on Friday, August 4th from 4:30 pm to 7 pm at Lake Renwick Preserve! This event is free for the whole family. Rogue Curbside Kitchen will be serving sandwiches and more, Carnivale will be serving Latin fusion, and Ugly Truckin Sandwiches will serve a variety of fresh sandwiches. District staff will be available with preserve information, binoculars and field guides.  Take advantage of this cool opportunity to enjoy delicious food and to explore nature. No registration is required. For more information, call 815-727-8700.

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Shorewood Illinois

What makes Shorewood Illinois special? Do you know how the town started out? Check out these fast facts on the history and amenities of this great town!

Photo of a highway sign for Shorewood Illinois for an article listing facts and history about the town.

  • Did you know that Shorewood was originally a cottage town and summer destination until the 1940’s when people started staying in Shorewood year round? Every summer, families would stay in cute cottages nestled along the DuPage River. The town would dam the river and people would be able to use rafts and go swimming. These same cottages can still be seen today along the river among the Oaks. The town was eventually incorporated on November 27, 1957.
  • Shorewood features numerous restaurants and shops as well as many running trails. With a population of approximately 16,500 this beautiful area has a small town feel but with the amenities of a larger town.
  • Check out my current Shorewood listings:

1008 Ridge Road Shorewood, Illinois

128 Ryan Lane Shorewood, Illinois

24843 W Wildberry Court Shorewood, Illinois

25104 Old Oak Lane Shorewood, Illinois

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Downtown Plainfield Restaurant

Capri Sogno is an amazing downtown Plainfield restaurant that is just one of the many gems found downtown.  Check out these quick facts about Capri and see what some of their weekly specials are. Next time you find yourself downtown, check out this popular eatery!

Photo of downtown Plainfield for an article about Capri Sogno, a great downtown Plainfield restaurant.

  • Capri Sogno is a great Italian restaurant found in the heart of downtown Plainfield. Widely known for their delicious food, Capri Sogno features great cuisine and a large wine list. Aside from being a great place to enjoy a meal, they also can host private parties and they offer catering as well.

Check out their weekly specials

  • Sunday: Sunday plate
  • Monday: Sunday Gravy Ragu
  • Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore
  • Wednesday: Italian Style Meatloaf
  • Thursday: Braciole
  • Friday: Baccala and Polenta
  • Saturday: Ossobucco

Capri Sogno

24102 W Lockport Street

Plainfield, Illinois 60544

(815) 733-5815

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Upcoming Shorewood Events

Check out these upcoming Shorewood Events!

 Photo of a Shorewood police car for an article about upcoming Shorewood events.

  • The Shorewood police department will host National Night Out 2017 on Tuesday, August 1st from 5:30-8:00 pm at the police station located at 903 W. Jefferson Street. This fun annual event will feature a DJ, moon jump, “touch a squad”, food and refreshments, taser demonstration, raffles, a Matt Whilhem BMX show, and more. For more information, call 815-725-1460.
  • 41st Annual Shorewood Crossroads Fest is scheduled for August 4-6th at Cene’s Four Seasons Park. This awesome annual event features a carnival, music, local food vendors, car show, beautiful baby contest, craft and vendor expo, Kid Zone, fireworks, bags contest, pie and hot dog eating contest, and a parade at noon on Sunday. For more information including event schedules call 815-725-2900.
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